Friday, February 26, 2010

Modern Wargaming

As most people know I'm never one to be tied down to any one thing.

With this in mind I had some vouchers for QBD that I had not used, and with this in hand went to have a look at what might catch my fancy.

I confess that it's hard to find modern military books that aren't all American focused. Yet I did find five books I thought worthy of my unused credit and extra cash.

Target Basra, Mike Rossiter AUS$6.99. Royal Navy Marines, 40 & 42 Commando
Helmand, Afghanistan 3 Commando Brigade, Ewen Southby-Tailyour AUS$8.99. Royal Marine Commandos
An Ordinary Soldier, Doug Beattie MC, AUS$8.99. Royal Irish Regiment
Midnight in Some Burning Town, Christian Jennings AUS$7.99. British Special Forces

House to House:An Epic of Urban Warfare, David Bellavia AUS$8.99.

I'm hoping to get an understanding of these theatres of war. Not being a military man, or even one who can easily mix Regiment and Battalion up in the same sentence. I need to appreciate the atmosphere (not that I really need to) to be able to run Modern skirmish wargames.

I must recommend Eureka Miniatures for there nicely cast Afghans which I will be using initially. I'll need to look at Iraqi and Middle Eastern in the near future.

There seems to be a lot of 20mm figures out there, but I really love my 28mm+ figures.

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