Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday's Lot

Ack, not well. Doctors tomorrow. Hospital awaits. I'm now down to 129Kg and falling.

Pottered around as best I could. Attempted to tidy my work shop. No success there. Just moving one load of "crap" from one part of the room to the other. This is a constant theme with me. I need a bigger house! Or at least one where I can have lots and lots of bookcases.

Finished off a few more Malifaux figures, Essence of Power, Governor's Proxy, Renegade Steamfitter Johan, Bishop.

Completed two wreck counters for my Cygnar forces. Might have to purchase a few more though.

Decided that I prefer independent suppliers now for my GW purchases. The buggers don't support me (considering the obscene amounts of money I spend there) so I'll take my money and support and indie's owners bid for an Audi!

So it's off to bed now and rest.

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