Thursday, February 4, 2010

WWI Britsh all accounted for...

I started the long process of sorting my WWI British and forming my Battalion for The Great War rules from Warhammer Historical.

I didn't realise how many figures I had accumulated. The majority of them are Old Glory and I'm very happy with the casts. They need a little work in places, but I'm sure that the figures will in the end will present nicely.

The other figures are Foundry, and I've managed to cobble together a Company with 2 Platoons of 12 men with a LMG.

So the final count is
1 Highlander Company with 3 Platoons
3 Infantry Companies with 4 Platoons
1 Territorial Company with 2 Platoons
2 Assault Parties
2 Mark IV tanks
1 Whippet tank
2 Light Mortar Sections
2 Heavy Mortar Sections
2 HMG Sections
1 Field Gun
1 Squadron of Cavalry.

No I just have to paint them all. Sigh, no rest for the kindly.

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