Saturday, July 15, 2017

Runebound 2nd Edition Game Day

Saturday saw my faithless family retainer come visit his Lord and master for a game of Runebound 2nd edition.  Sigh... he taunted me by wearing that Battletech jacket, one day I'll get it, petty it wouldn't fit me, he's too small!

My usual link to Board Game Geek for those wanting more information on the board game Runebound 2nd Edition is HERE

Anthony reading the fine print!
In my case, reading the cards...

My character Red Scorpion, chosen for the artwork and her huge tracks of land...

Anthony brought along a rather nice dice tower thingamajig...
We played with the Doom Track (page 9) and Travel hazards (page 10) variants.  The Doom Track certainly added the timer to the game, but the Travel hazards added additional time without moving the doom track.  We did a few things wrong, like taking the rewards from the cards during the hazard travel where we should have just been getting experience where applicable.  Oh well, I'll read the rules next time!  Still I had enough fun reading the rules, filling in the subtext of witty banter for the horrible outcomes or successes that it made the day.  You can look forward to a real Solo adventure report in due course.

To finish of my report, here's that jacket, sigh...

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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