Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Novel progress continues

"Stay on target", those words from Star Wars, well they call it A New Hope or Episode IV, but to me it was Star Wars before all the hype... yes where was I...  "Stay on target", yes no target lock here at present.  I'll start again with my novel progress which is going well, I've sat down and done the sums; I've done a rough sketch of the plot, but that's changing as I throw my ideas into the mix as I go along.

I writing anywhere from two to five thousand words a day depending on the mood and distractions.  I'm aiming at about 270-280,000 words for the initial novel, it can either stand alone or be part of a grandiose plot of seven books.  Now if I write on a good day the 5000 words I am doing at present that will mean in 56 days the lot will be done, just under two months.  I think three months is more than likely.  I think probably one month for revision and reworking.  At the rate things happen I'd think December is when it's likely to all come together.  Of course I need to see about the business of publishing and all the other foibles that come with this, but a friend of mine has told be about the publishing rout he took with Amazon.  Still early days yet, I may give up and find something else to be distracted by.  Who knows where this will lead?

As of 17:07:17 - 25,976 words (43 pages A4)

Till next time

The Hon. John

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