Friday, July 7, 2017

A Word About My Blog

Recently I had someone post a comment to one of my posts on another site, it just had two words "sleeper hit".

Copyright acknowledged to the owner.
I am not up with it in the modern world, being a bit of recluse regardless of the time I probably spend on the computer, and wondering around the net.  So I had to go and find out what the hell it meant?

I went and had a look at the Urban dictionary to seek clarification, it's definition is HERE 

I responded to the comment with a question mark as literally I had no idea what the person was alluding to?  Was my article a hit that was under the radar or was it because I linked my blog and it had multiple links within my blog to other sites, which made the individual think I was click baiting income for people?

I have no idea, they never responded to clarify so I will now spend some time clarifying my style of writing and why I will link my blog to a post elsewhere rather than try and write a length post within another site.

Firstly my background is educational and research, so I tend to place out much of my work to allow people who read it to be able to look at supporting material that I think is helpful.  I work on the assumption that I will have many levels of people who will read my blog, those who know what I'm talking about and those who do not.  For those who do not, I include links to information that will assist them in gaining the information needed to understand what it is I'm talking about.  I don't want to reinvent the wheel, which it why I link to a site which has already done so.  You do not have to go to that site if you already know that information or if it is one that earns itself money by people visiting it.  I do not know which sites generate revenue by doing this.

An Example.
Game X.  Game X has a Youtube video on how to play.  I will provide a link to that site so that a person who does not know how to play the game can view it. (There may be multiple sources for this which I may provide.) I will also provide a link to BoardGameGeek as it is the primary source (that I use) for game synopsis (outside of the company PR), it is also a great source for additional files for game play.  It is the main reason I always include a link to BGG.

Secondly I do not generate revenue via my blog.  You can visit it as many times as you like, I earn nothing.  I have a counter on the page to pander to my rather insubstantial EGO, that is why it is there.  It is nice to see that some people read what I write.  I don't force people to read what I write, I only occasional link an article I write to a site where I think it is appropriate,  Nyt every article I write is linked elsewhere.

I like to think I'm sardonic, witty, enlightening... oh what the heck I don't know what I am.  I just write what I feel like writing.  If you like what I write please let know, follow me if you like.  As I said I get nothing of value from this blog except the words expressed.

OR am I some potential and hidden top tier marketing tool... yep more than likely a bloody tool.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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