Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Shadow Wars Armageddon - Recycling the old

With Shadow Wars Armageddon coming onto the scene I've had a reason to pull out my old figures that have literally been gathering dust for a long time.  I have been previously using the figures for 2nd Edition 40K as I don't have a lot of vehicles; with the skirmish rules I can now have fun with so many of the army types I've collected... and I've done a few.

Out of the 15 listed in the book I can field 11, of the four remaining I would have to paint 1 (Genestealer Cult) and buy the remaining ones (Dark Eldar, Necron and Skitarii) which is at present and more than likely beyond my capability.  I know that GW is primarily about shifting product but small scale skirmish with a focus on kitting out and modelling would move just as much kit for some...

I'm using Battle Scribe on my old tablet (Android) to knock up and play around with teams and kitting them out.  At present this would appear to be the best option out there, it's free, portable and convenient.

Here is what I've cobbled together for my starting Kill Teams, sorry for the hit and miss photos, the camera in the phone seems to be somewhat remiss?

Chaos - Nurgle flavour

Chaos - Slaneesh tinge

Chaos - Tzeentch dust

Eldar -  went through a white phase many many years ago...

Imperial Guard or whatever they call themselves now...



Grey Knights

Orcs - Blood Axes, the only lads to have.

Space Marine scouts

Sisters of Battle



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