Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Captain Sonar - will it get a go at the club meet?

I've not been well of late, dealing with life many hurdles and I really should not be impulse buying to placate that rush which comes from getting a new game, but I did, I bought Captain Sonar.

In hindsight I have to wonder why I did, the  chances of me getting 8 people to play this game are about as likely as me reentering the workforce - slim but not impossible...  Yet thanks to the reviews of the game (mainly Shut Up & Sit Down) I could not help but see the potential this game has to offer and have added it to my always expanding game girth.

So this Saturday I shall take it along to my local club (The Blind Pig) and hope that I might entice some people to play the game.  I hope that there will be an addendum later in the weekend on the success or failure...


Cpt John "Mad Jack" McD

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