Saturday, May 27, 2017

Blind Pig Games Club Day 27th May 2017

Lots of things happening today, the club being the primary focus.

One of the members popped along with some old games he did not want anymore.
I snapped up Xenoshyft!

Veteran EPIC 40K players in action.  Wish I could have played as well.
To many interests, so little time to play them at the club.

The new visitors playing my copy of Mystic Vale, I didn't get a chance to look
at the game they had brought along and played.  I was too caught up in my activities...
Addendum 28/5: Mare Nostrum was the game that the new chaps brought along.  Rated 7.8 on BGG.

The second game I played for the day was Unfair.  I played this last time at the club (see previous blog entry) and did a better job this time until a card was played that stripped me of my Blueprint victory points!  I was doing do well up to that point.  I am starting to warm to this game and will certainly be adding this to my collection.

Pat, James and Michael (out of shot) playing Unfair with me.
 A new game brought along and on display.

51st State I think this game was called, Jason and Leslie were playing this one.
 Jamie and Phil playing Batman the miniature game, not sure who won this game.

Lots of infinity happening, just found out that there is an Infinity tournament on the same day as the KoW Tournament I'm running. Not an issue, it will be great for the hall to be really packed to the rafters.

My second main game of the day was a truly epic five player game of Scythe.  Nice to have Rowan join us in this game, as he's been a watcher in the past. I hoped he enjoyed himself, he did well for his first game I believe.  I came last, but that's nothing new.

An olden goldie that reared it's head! I was very pleased to see this game being played today, should be more of these old games on offer.  If only I could clone myself...

Lastly I was able to buy myself a game from the Buy Swap Sell, Xenoshyft.  Regrettably I was unable to sell many of my items I had brought along, I'll not put much trust in people saying they will buy your goods from previous encounters...  Oh well, I did get a good game for a good price.

I was happy with the numbers at the club today, better than it has been for a while.  The turn out of 40K players was exceptional, the planned coup and reboot within the club is formulating and I hope that with the arrival of 8th and Shadow Wars: Armageddon a fresh new face will stimulate the community.

So till next...


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