Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Art of Listening Part II - Old Harry's Game

A while ago I waxed lyrical about the art of listening and how I think it's a dying art form.  I was digging through my archive of forgotten audio's and stumbled across this little gem by Andy Hamilton (I am a fan of his).  Old Harry's Game is truly brilliant on so many levels, offensive, satirical, witty something there for everyone, it almost makes me wonder why it hasn't been pulled and buried due to it now being so politically incorrect.

If you can lay your hands on this series I cannot but recommend it more highly than I can, it is well worth the listen to.  Maybe I've put more meaning into it, interpreted it differently, but to me I loved it for the humour and if for nothing else making me think about some of the issues floating about today.

Wikipedia Link for Old Harry's Game

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