Saturday, August 21, 2010

Working Sunday

After an uplifting day of games at the Blind Pig on Saturday I have entered the Lair to sort through everything that is there. So what does this mean? Well it means moving a lot of boxes from one side of the Lair to the other. Simple!

Problem though is that once I started I found myself "finding" those little gems that I had hidden. Thankfully I found no corpses, which was good. I always make sure that I hide them skeletons real good.

I can now, sort of, reach most of my armies now that I am in resurrection mode. I found boxes full of Warzone, Flintlock, 15mm Ancients to name but a few. I even found some pirate ships from the Pirates of the Carribean range that I was planning on using. Still an idea, still gathering dust, but it will happen one day.

So it's back to the Lair, and who knows what....

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