Thursday, August 19, 2010

What have I been up to!

It's been a time of reflective pragmatism. I've looked at a lot of the figures and games I have and I've made a few "hard" decisions about their future.

No it's not as bad as you might think. I'm just recycling my figures into other rule sets and getting more value for investment.

So as I've said previously, a lot of my WFB figures are being converted to HOTT armies. I've now started to look at all sorts of other games as well. I have for instance a fare few Warzone figures that are painted (and just as many unpainted) that will soon be finding themselves utlised in a rather surprising enterprise.

From a painting perspective I've been working on my Eden figures and they are now all finished. Just some basing and a few highlights and they are done.

Next project might be Vietnam or Pulp City. I recently received the last of some figures I have been waiting on, and I'm rather keen to do something different. I've some 1:48 scale 'copters and vehicles to add to this. Time will tell.

Pulp City might be another vice that may snag me.

Catch you all later, I'm off to paint.

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