Saturday, August 21, 2010

What I found!

The clean up revealed more than anticipated!

I have been attempting to find an army I had built some time back for a WFB tournament. I had built a (and I can't remember the exact army title) zombie army from the Lustrian Coast. Had a vampire leader that was mad from memory. Lots of zombies. Of course the poor old army doesn't really have a life now so its time to convert to HOTT. Lots of horde bases at 1AP each and the always comes back rule makes them good. Not sure what I will use the hand cannons for, might make them shooters at 2AP each. The undead ogres I may use as behemoths. Anyway the undead HOTT army will now have more options available for it than you can poke a stick at.

Young Luke brought his copy of War Rocket to the club and I had a quick read of it. Looking good in my opinion. I've decided that Valkeeri (warrior women) and Zenithian (saucer people) are my choice of races. Fleets are modestly priced and rather decent casts (of those I've seen). I'm hoping that it will take off with some of the people I know. However there is just so much out there now that it's very hard deciding what to bring and play at the club. Due to my health I only get to go to the club twice a month and it's hard deciding just what to play. For instance Firestorm Armada vs War Rocket. Which these will gain a toe hold amongst players? Uncharted Seas doesn't have a problem, as there is no one else out there that has anything in competition. Warheads and Eden, have an interest, but with the new Malifaux out soon, I think that Malifaux will reign supreme.

Another item of interest that I'll have to invest in will be Pulp City. I'm even looking at my massive Heroclix collection (of spares) and deciding what can "die" for the glory of proxy. Certainly save a bit of money. Must print the rule book and actually give it a read to understand what might be needed.

Of for another round now. Had a short break (doing this), but it's back to work.

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