Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Retribution of Scyrah - Update

I've started to assemble the models.

I really do like the stances and moulds of this range. However! Yes there is always a "however". I've had two bugbears with the assembly process.

1. Mage Hunter Strike Force
These would most likely be my favourite models from the range. The only fiddly bit that drove me mad, layered my fingers with superglue was the crossbows. Fiddly, fiddly and damn it all to heck fiddly. Trying to match the arrows/quarrels and balance the cross section with such a small surface was time consuming and annoying. In the end patience won out and they are now all assembled. They are my favourite at present.

2. Dawnguard Sentinels
The packer of my figures decided that the swords should be packed into the smallest compartment in the plastic blister box. Every sword was bent at the hand join, and the arms were twisted horribly. It has taken me about and hour to sort out the mess and at present only one model has had his sword irretrievably broken. I'm not sure how I'm going to tackle this one yet. I may break the sword and attach the smaller section to the hands (in the hope of it sticking) and placing the shards at his feet. One other has a dodgy join which I saturated with glue in the hope of it gelling, but I'm not hopeful. The whole arm sword section was not in my opinion a great cast, I had to guess which arm poses best matched the model. In the end patience won out and they are now all done.

Only the warcasters to assemble now and two more heavy warjacks. Then it's decision time as to whether or not I go for the white look that PP have given the faction. I really do dislike white, and it's the hardest colour for me with the lest numbers of successful applications. I'm thinking a high shine light silver will be the go. Time will tell.



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