Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Death of Warhammer and the Birth of Fantasy

For a long time now I guess I have been going through the reflex motion of having to have complete armies and ranges. Sadly with the economy going the way that it is and the fact that certain companies refuse to give value for money I have come to the regretable decision to economise!

So this means that I will now only concentrate on those armies and ranges that truely appeal to me, and not just collect for the sake of collecting. After all there would be very few people in Brisbane I think who can match me for the diversity of games I have. In the end I have rooms full of games and figures that are not doing a hell of a lot. Fads come and go, and sadly so do those who claim my friendship. I find that the older I get in this mortal shell the fewer people I have surround me who share my passion for games. Certainly there are none that match me in kindred spirit.

So Warhammer Fantasy Battles is the first of many games that are now in the throws of conversion. I intend to only keep a few of my more complete armies and convert the rest into HOTT armies. A far better system, less die rolls, no complicated army list, and its easy on the pocket book.

First one to die for the glory of resurrection was my Tomb King army. It has now become a Undead army for HOTT.

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