Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blind Pig Games Club 12th August Meet

A good day today, got in five excellent games with great people.  I got in a game of Epic Card Game, Stormweavers, Viticulture, Steampunk Rally and Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City.

The new game played with 7 players (can play to 8) and it's rare to find a game played where nearly all the regulars could get into the game.

Link to BGG HERE for details on the game.

Horus Heresy - the original from GW, wish I had a copy.

Players for Viticulture
Was really immersed in my games today and didn't get to check out or take photo's of other things happening.  There was 40K in play, Battle for Calth and Horus Heresy.

The next Blind Pig is September 2nd and will be an open day of fun and games with alcohol.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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