Thursday, August 17, 2017

Friday Board Games - Outlive & Draconis Invasion

Continuing my week long adventure in board gaming I played another two games today, which for me is wonderful as I normally only ever get games at my club.

Link to BGG is HERE for those wanting more information.

First game of the day was Outlive and I was glad that there was a couple of YouTube videos to help me understand the game.  Watching it played sped up the setup and explanation of a new game to me.  The game mechanics were simple enough to master, the trick came in managing the resources needed maintain the rooms in your bunker and obtaining the pieces of equipment available.  The way in which you had to use your numbered meeples (they gave the action points allowed) was entertaining, the direction you could move and the fact you could not move onto a location with an existing meeple of your own... frustrating but fun.

I just managed to pull a victory on this game even though I only completed 2 of the 6 events - a 37 to 33 win.

Link to BGG is HERE for those wanting more information.

I've played this game before and it is a brutal and quick game once you have mastered the game mechanics of deck building.  The combination of terror cards being added to your deck, reducing the effectiveness of what you have to play with, and the fact that each terror card adds to a "clock" which resets after 6 but gives you a detrimental effect - though whether to you or your opponent is questionable.  Game ends when either a player kills six monsters of the event cards are exhausted.

This time neither of us managed to win against the terror!

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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