Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Novel Update!

Writing has been fun, but slow and it's sadly going to get slower.  My lowly laptop is about to die, it's performance is fluctuating and as a penniless pensioner I've had to limit my time on the machine in the hope of getting it to last the distance.  I've been doing written notes and such, but I really hate reinventing the wheel - twice.

However with that aside my last recorded effort is 30, 460 words or 50 pages of A4.  My story plot has been developed, guidelines with an all too many deviation "set".  It's been fun to date, my index cards keep growing as I spend my time now creating my reference setting.  I'm finding that I need to update the cards as I write as there is nothing more infuriating than starting to write a section only to forget what it was you had written before and then searching (at this point of time) 50 pages.  Consistency is important, especially when you have a proof reader pointing out the anomalies you are creating.

Humid Queensland is the working title, though I'll probably change that when I'm finished.

Currently having a quiet drink with my ego, an appropriate drop "Angry Orchard", lovely bit of artwork on the bottle, so me.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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