Monday, August 21, 2017

Board Game Stats - August Update

Since the June 10 I have been using this useful tool Board Game Stats to record the games I've played and the people I've gamed against.

It helps with but identifies the social isolation I have.  40% of my games are solo, hardly surprising, with 32% being two player.  62% of my games are played at my residence, which includes essentially all the solo games.  44% are played on a Saturday which is the day the Blind Pig Games Club runs. 25 unique board games have been played, now that was pleasing to note.  12 out of the 25 games played I don't own.  The largest player count was 7 people playing Steampunk Rally.  Viticulture plays 6 maximum and while the count is 8 it reflects the 4 plays the game has had with differing groups of players.

In the end I can feel happy that where I initially thought I got very few games it turns out I've played 65 since June.  Yet when I look at the other statistics it still frustrates me that I only get games at the club and the occasional game outside - usually with one of three persons.  Solo games are what whiles away the many hours of isolation.  The problem that will only worsen the older I get.

I find that the App is useful.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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