Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Going backwards...

Some of you who may have followed my blog for a while or who know me personally know that I have some mental health disabilities.  They are many and I won't go into to great a detail, if you want to do a trawl of my past posts I think you'll find my black spots.

One of my biggest hurdles has been trusting people and socialising.  I've had some really unpleasant situations in the past both in the workplace and within a social network.  I would like to have thought that up till yesterday I was making an improvement.  I was engaging people outside more, running tournaments and leaving the safety of my home.

That has now come to an abrupt end.  Yesterday my neighbours had a home invasion with their two young girls locking themselves in a room.  Their mother phoned me to investigate, which I did, I confronted the perpetrator, and chased him off.  However what I did next was attempt to buy time for the police to arrive, which ended up with one of the perpetrators pulling a knife on me.   I escaped injury but the encounter did not register with me until this morning.  The end result is that I have now returned to my paranoid state of mind, extremely distrustful of strangers in my street or suburb, I now will not leave home unless I have to, and only if there is someone at home.  My security has been reviewed and I am now a prisoner in my own home - again.

It's going to be a long road to recovery.

More importantly though I worry for the two young girls who are my neighbours who through no fault of their own had to endure what would have been a terrifying ordeal.  I hope that they obtain the counselling they need to endure the after shocks they will more than likely feel as time passes.  Youth is impressionable (if my upbringing is an indication to remember by) and triggers will happen at any time.  So I wish them every recovery in their ordeal and a return to as normal a life as they can expect as teenagers.

It's the problem of an intelligent person being trapped in the mental health system.

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