Saturday, April 5, 2014

Uncharted Seas Tournament 5th April 2014

This is the 5th year that I have run this event, and I am appreciative of the support from the BP community in allowing me to run this event.

1st Place - Michael S (Orcs)
2nd Place - Michael C (Humans)
3rd Place - Brendan S (Humans)
4th Place - Owen O (Shroud Mages)
5th Place - John McD (BYE - Iron Dwarves)
6th Place - Simon G (Iron Dwarves)

The trophies

The highly prized Rear Admiral trophy

The Gang

Brendan S - telling me to "hurry the f&cK up!"

Owen O - Best Painted

Michael S - 1st Place (2nd year running)

Simon G - Rear Admiral (2nd year running - what will he tell his missus!)

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