Wednesday, April 2, 2014

And now for something totally different - My Modern Family

My Modern Family, perhaps not.  The children are but I'm too old and ancient to be modern.

Today (3rd April) is my youngest child Dana's birthday.  Happy birthday Turtle.  I've also included so odd shots of my "modern" family.

OK how do you operate this "selfie" mode?

Dana & Me

My son the future Lord Liam, Me and THE Cat - Tara

The Cat is not amused.

The Cat thinking - "smile mum, you're on Candid Camera"

OK so I had to tickle the wife and get Dana to make silly faces.

The Cat is right to think it has no relationship to the people in this photo.

Poor Tara getting "love" from Dana.

Cake! Did someone say CAKE!

All too much - I need a lie down.

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