Friday, April 11, 2014

Deadzone - Friday Night "Gun Crazy"!

Mantic Games has got the right mixture of game play, miniatures and fun/simplicity.

My friend Michael S popped over last night and had a game of Deadzone with me.  My second game and this time there was no "additional" input from observers to muddy the waters (although it always helps to have someone who knows some of the rules present when playing any game).

What can I say, my capacity to roll woefully has returned in spades.  My "Rainmaker" who has the Gun Crazy rule always managed to loose control of his weapons and Michael had a field day potting off my troops in a hail of Blaze Away actions.  Goblin Sniper gave Michael's Leader a scare when targeted in the first turn of play.  Pity I could only roll 1-3's.

And enjoyable evening.

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