Saturday, April 12, 2014

BattleLore 2nd Ed - Saturday Game

So my much abusive retainer arrived today to have a campaign bash of BattleLore.  Played over 4 games progressing A - B - C - D scenarios.  The winner choosing 1 or 2 options at each letter stage.  The loser always getting option 1 (hence first turn), otherwise a die roll to determine first player.

1st Game (A) - Anthony won.
2nd Game (B) - Anthony won.
3rd Game (C) - I WON!!!!!!!
4th Game (D) - Anthony won.

The final wash up with victory points put Anthony 11 points in front.

A good day of gaming with an old friend and a good game.

I brought up last game about using stands as an aid in playing.
As you can see I can pick up and move around a lot better than
attempting to remember where units were placed.

The final game.

Anthony, musing what abuse he can hurl at me!

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