Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Well here are some photo's of my 1st edition Talisman which includes, City, Dungeon and Timescape.  I even have 35 metal figures of the characters you could play.  Of course now you can get Talisman from FFG, which is just as good and the figures are plastic.  I am wondering if I shall paint them one day?  Mind you there are a couple of expansions I haven't acquired yet from the contemporary set. 

From memory the usual players were Alex, Michael, Gary, David, Anthony and Michelle, plus me.  I think that Gary was the only one who ever rushed to get to the center of the board and end the game.  The rest of us I think just enjoyed wandering around, beating each other up, dying, picking a new character, and continuing on.  It's a game I enjoyed as the group gamed at my first home and were really good friends.  Michelle is of course my wife and she's still with me, and I only hear occasionally from Anthony, Michael I can get in contact with easily enough but the others have all moved on.  Sigh, I'm getting melancholy.

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