Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super Dungeon Explore: What's in the box, Part 1

OK I've been waiting to get my grubby paws on this game for a while now.  My main motivation was the figures that come with the game.  I enjoyed Urban Mammoths "Warheads" miniatures, the bobbly head style.  The figures in this game are rather nice.  What struck me when I opened the box was that all of the figures (with the exception of five treasure chests) are muti-piece models. This was a surprise as I was expecting one piece figures which is fairly much the norm with board games.
The plastic is hard not the rubbery type that cheaper game publishers supply.  They are brittle in places and some care needs to be taken with the spear "men", and with the grey character figures.  I think that the figures deserve being painted.  I think that if you bought the game only to play the boardgame then you will not be getting the full value of what I think will prove to be a nice addition to your boardgaming library.
I obtained my copy through the helpul service of Warpuppy, although I am sure you can pick this up from other reputable stores and online business'.
So my recommendation is give it a try.  My next job is to read the rules.  Stay tuned for more in due course.  The pictures below show the game at various stages of opening.
The above is the box sealed and waiting for the joy of being cracked.

First view inside the box.

The rulebook.  Full glossy colour. Nice layout, and nice artwork - which appears on the game cards as well.

After having taken the mapboard out this was what greeted me.

Oh and these are the dice.  Not every face has a "score".

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