Friday, December 2, 2011

Home snapshots from the early 80's

Here's from a time when I had lots of friends.  We used to meet at my parents home, where my mother would even feed them all.  All much missed. 
A quiet game amongst friends.  From left to right: Bruce (I think), Alex, Anthony, and Michael.
One of the usual nights.  Must have been a role playing night, Top Secret I think.  Towards the end I think we were playing more boardgames.  Star Fleet Battles was most popular.  Who was there?  I can name most of them except the chap on the extreme left.  The usual gamers were Anthony R, Michael M, David K, Dick W, Tony M, Rob M, and Alex M.
Here is what happens when the party decide to solve the adventure by killing (well maybe seriously maiming) the GM.  Top Secret would appear to be what we were playing.
Yes, there were 8 of us in this vehicle.  Not sure where we had been or how we didn't get pulled over.  Happier days.

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