Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super Dungeon Explore: What's in the box, Part 4

OK Part 4 is the Creatures.  As you can see the figures are for the most part multi-part figures.  This is nice as opposed to one piece pieces.

The above is the Dragon.  Nice enough scale to suit any game system.

Spawning tokens, the dragon skulls on the columns.  More multi-piece creatures.  Not sure what they are yet.

One of the big "ogre" type monsters (you get two in the box) and two flying "dragons".

More multi-piece creatures.  Note the two boo-chests in the top right corner.  More of them a little further down.

These are the cannon fodder miniatures, why because there are a few of them and I'm too lazy to investigate what they are.

These chests, you get two, are brilliant.  Anyone who loves discworld could easily do the Luggage.  I like them indeed.

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