Friday, December 2, 2011

Queensland Role Players - A blast from the past

I have been cleaning up my studio and I found several boxes of old photo's.  I thought I share them.  Enjoy!
Not sure where this photo was taken but clearly this group won a D&D competition.  Steven Twine was the DM, and the older gentleman was a professor, the rest I can't even remember their names.  The curse of old age - memory goes all too soon.

These shots were from a promotional QRP did back in 1982 (I think) at a shopping centre (Wynnum somewhere).
The committe sometime in the early 80's.  From left to right and back to front. Russell (I think?), Greg L, Rob M, Michael M, Keith D, Steven T, John M (Me, yes I was thin once), Anthony (I think), Angela M, and Russel P.

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