Friday, March 16, 2018

Dusting the past... or look what I found!

It is indeed that time where I search for one thing and instead find so many other things I wish to game again.  The problem is... very few people today will play old games unless they are a) still in print or b) a cult classic.  This annoys me no end with the mentality of people today who think that unless it's hip and current, then the past is where these games belong.

So what did I find?  Lots and lots of laminated game maps/boards/play aides.

I found I had a number of laminated maps, game boards and aides that I had curled up in a cupboard. I used string rather than plastic bands to wrap the laminated paper, I learnt from my past mistakes there. They had or have been curled for probably a decade or more (2002 was the earliest map - Heroclix). I had located some other maps a couple of months ago and they still have not uncurled... yet, they are getting there.

Wizkids MKDungeon - my personal favourite from the Clix line.

Wizkids Heroclix maps

TSR 1st Edition Divine Right - never use contact plastic!
What I did find out to my chagrin was I used contact plastic to "laminate" some of my old maps/game boards.  The worse example is TSRs Divine Right, where the sticky glue has bled around the "seals" and the playing surface has come away from some sections of the paper, notably where the creases are.
The solution - artist portfolio case
While I have the other maps now on my gaming table and under thick cloth (awaiting the straightening process), my solution for all the other laminated items were these artist portfolio cases.  They can hold quite a few pieces, I bought the largest they had available, just wished there was still a larger version... probably is but I don't think I could warrant the cost (Australia is a horrible country for pricing of goods imported).

That's what I do to protect my investment in games. Laminate those paper items, never use contact plastic and always treat your games like fragile china.

Till next time.
The Hon. John

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