Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 A New Start

2015 has started, though not on the most auspicious of circumstances.  My luck does not change, even if the year does.

Still searching for my multimelta to place on top of my Imperial Speeder.  Searching again this morning and I found a few more items!

Another set of 5 Birdmen of Catrazzar (Dogs of War), I think I bought 5 boxes of these days in the day.  I've accounted for 3, the rest must be here somewhere.....

The lower torso and legs of the passenger of the Vincent Black Shadow Bike, only the bucket seat to go!

The metal ork battle buggy, but now crew or weapon.

3 clip on flamers for the original plastic terminators that came in Space Hulk.

So as I continue to search I find yet more little gems.

Below is what's now in bottles slowly being digested and stripped of paint with the aid of Dettol.

Assorted Chaos Space Marines including Noise Marines I'd
forgotten I had.  Oh that metallic purple paint GW used to do!

Genestealer Hybrids!  Including up in the top right corner
a rare find for me the hybrid familiar, I had been using it as
the top of a banner pole.  These will be stripped and repainted
for Space Hulk (as I don't have enough for start a Genestealer
Cult Army.... yet!)

So I continue to search, who knows what I may find!  Maybe that original tyranid model (from RT days), I'm sure I had one?

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