Friday, February 20, 2015

Blind Pig Games Club 21 February 2015 Meet

To say it was a little wet today was an understatement.  Overnight the rain had died down but at about 5:00 am it started to pick up tempo and rained consistently the whole day, only seeming to let up at about 4:30pm.

Still it was a good day with many things happening game wise.  Many players had some of their Kickstarter games which they wanted to try out.  One that caught the attention of the attendees was Arena Rex.  Game play seemed to progress quickly and smoothly.  The BPLaser is drafting an arena for this game which may even been available for viewing next club meet.  Sounds good.

Arena Rex Link

Also played a game Wrath of Kings which I liked.  Again simplicity with an ability to master the game in a very short period of time.  Rules and cards are available for free download.

Wrath of Kings Link

Played a practice game for the Dreadball League, a game of Conquest 40K LCG and Catan Junior.  I got done like a dinner by a 5 year old in Catan Junior.  OK we played the 2 player game, but it was a lot of fun and Inara was a lot of fun to play against.

Other games in play today were:

Armageddon (old GW board game)
Star Realms (2 player card game)
Planetfall (looks good, certainly the figures do)
Dystopian Wars

All up over 25 players enjoyed a day inside out of the rain.

Conor proudly showing off his copy of Armageddon.

Aaron and John enjoying a game of 30K.
Both have beautifully painted armies, World Eaters vs Death Guard.

Board game which I have forgotten the name of.

Peter F (Spartan Vanguard, seated and not blurred) playing Planetfall.

Deadzone game.

Tim showing how much he enjoyed Shadow over Brimstone!

Leslie thinking!

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