Sunday, December 14, 2014

The 40K 2nd Edition Project - Ultramarines

I have decided (as you will see elsewhere) to run a 40K 2nd Edition tournament on May 16 2015.

While I don't as a rule play in my tourneys, you will find from time to time an odd number of participants on the day.  Hence I need to be the "bye" on the day.  Therefore I am at present in the mood to paint.

My marines I don't have a problem with.  A nice mix of old and 2nd edition models.  I was lucky and obtained a Imperial Speeder in  a trade a while ago.  My painting is now on hold as I desperately search for the multi-melta that rides on top of the speeder.  I found it the other day (ok maybe a few months ago, honestly it couldn't have been a year - surely) now I put it in a safe place (you know the one you know you will always remember) and can't find it.  So the start of the search begins!  How long will it take me to find this time.  Taking bets....

From "Book of the Astronomican" page 62
I'd like to paint this model in the colours above, but I really don't know about yellow - seems to Imperial Fists to me.

Almost all the pieces, just the multi-melta and
banner pole (which I will have to make)

Oh and some of the Ultramarines in the process of being painted.
Still much to do before they are finished.

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