Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blind Pig Games Club 1st November 2014 Meet

Today was the second last club meet for the year 2014. Thanks again to everyone who helps set up and pack up at each meet. Your help enables the club to run smoothly and is off great assistance.

Had just over 25 people for the day with a few new faces. To the new comers, welcome and we hope to see you at further meets.

Games in play today:

EPIC Armageddon
Dystopian Wars
Kings of New York
Legendary Encounters

Next meet is the 15th November 2014. See you all there.

This and the photo above - Kings of New York

EPIC Armageddon set up.

The hall filling up with happy gamers.

40K in action.

40K in action.

40k in action.

Dystopian Wars - Peter (waving) is a Spartan Vanguard.

EPIC Armageddon in action.

Legendary Encounters (Aliens essentially ie the movie)

Deadzone in play.

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