Friday, November 14, 2014

Blind Pig Club Day 15th November 2014

The last Blind Pig has finished for the year.
It was to say the least very hot, Jason said 36C at Carina.
Paul was off enjoying a holiday with the family, so the regulars stepped in to help with the day.
I need to single out especially today, Jason, Leslie, Roy, Tim and Pat (I guess I was as well) for their help in keeping the day on track.
It was very hot, thanks to Tim who brought the ice, much appreciated by many.
All up I counted 35+ for the day.

There was the last BS&S for the year. A good range of product, with sales happening. Next year it is enviaged that the 2nd meet in the month will be available for BS&S. So there will be plenty of opportunities next year if you have items you want to sell.

Games in action today were:
Dystopian Wars
EPIC Armageddon
Smash Up
Kings of New York
Boss Monster
Krunch (the Goblin Wars game, I think that was it's name) - look forwarf to a four player game.
Legendary Encounters (I think people lost each of the two games)
D&D 3 Dragon Ante
Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion (I liked this one)

So on behalf of the Blind Pig operator and the crew I'd like to wish everyone a safe holiday period and look forward to seeing you all next year.

Here are some photo's of the day!

Boss Monster Game

Deadzone setup with the newest member helping dad!

Slowly filling, the heat was horrible.

Yes the heat was bad, lets talk for a while.

Dystopian Wars in action.

D&D 3 Dragon Ante Card Game

Deadzone, with Michael taking his turn in a blur.

EPIC Armageddon

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Legendary Encounters

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