Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Warriors of Mars (TSR 1974)

It's time to travel back in time and consider this old classic.  Very few people would have seen it, even fewer played it. After all 1970's were a really dark age when it came to figure availability.

So I'm off looking for miniatures.  I see there is a company "Bronze Age Miniatures" that do a very nice line, but in a scale I cannot afford, which is a pity.

Peter Pig offer figures on a smaller scale and quality, which affordable isn't that easy to just pop into a local shop and buy, it means an overseas "adventure".

Who know where this will go, but I do love the past, particularly mine!


  1. You can get peter Pig figures in Oz, but I found the selection offered by their dealer to be a bit limited, with no indication of how long it might take to get other stuff in. However despite having an Aussie retailer, PP were happy to send figures to me direct from the UK - postage and exchange rate are your enemy here, so it depends on how keen you are.

    In 15/18mm your best bet is, in fact, Black Hat, who do a lovely range of Barsoom-style goodies in their Colonial Mars range. I prefer them to the PP figures, although their Green martian mounted are too big for a 15mm HOTT base.

    As for the game, I played the skirmish version of it back in the 1970s, with odd Airfix figures as proxies. In those days Hinchcliffe did a 25mm martian range, sadly defunct and, it has to be said, a bit lumpy and crude by today's standards.

  2. Thanks old chap, shall have a look at Black Hat. Never heard of them, so thanks for the heads up. I grew up with ERB and I have a very soft spot for the genre. Ta!