Saturday, February 22, 2014

Used Goods, Part 2.... I had a win

Right, for those that follow or even read my blog you will be aware of my small "rant" about used goods, or second hand items.  Go read it if you haven't.

Yesterday there was a Buy, Sell and Swap meet at the Blind Pig Club which I frequent and call "home".  There was a fair bit there on offer, and I had "stuff" to sell as well.  I set my prices at 50% of "retail price" and sold all but one item.  Worked out great.  Then I found all the goodies that other people brought along.  Below are photo's of the swag I collected.  Really, really happy with what I acquired, and the prices were excellent, that is realistic, unlike what some people seem to think the market is.

8 old school ogres

Free box of "paper", EPIC and Blood Bowl

More free EPIC, Deadzone faction.

Zombicide dice, Star Trek Expeditions

Box full of Star Trek (the X-Wing clone) ships

Free - Destrier

Marauder faction for Deadzone

The best buy of the day, lots of old lead ($15 the lot)

Free - OK they are cassettes (old people will know they are)!

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