Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Old Boardgames I love, but have run out of opponents

Maybe I haven't run out of opponents, they have either died or left my area of "influence".

I enjoy the American Civil War, I personally favour the Confederates, but that's just me.  The land battles are always covered with a lot of different games and miniature rules.  The water or sea battles are something not often dealt with.  I have a friend who I played Ironclads with on a semi regular basis when I was first made redundant (late 90's) but have since lost contact with him.

The game was excellent, but requires a little knowledge in the charts and tables.  I always left that to my opponent, instead enjoying the havoc caused by the differing results of ammunition used.  An excellent game, I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys this period.

The other genre of games I enjoyed the most was Air Force by Battleline.  The Avalon Hill version is something that should be avoided at all costs.  Too complicated.  The game was introduced to me when I was at Griffith University doing my Science Degree.  My dearest friend, now sadly departed to the next life, and I with a select few would play these games in the study cubicles at the University.  We had a campaign system and pilot progression.  An excellent game, sadly forgotten by many today.

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