Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dreadball Tournament at the Blind Pig

Saturday 22 Feb was the first Blind Pig club meet for the year and it rocked off to a good start.  While there was another event on this weekend at another club, numbers were still good.  The turn out for the DB event was 11 out of the possible 16 that registered interest in attending.  People who run events will know that there is always a percentage that fail to show (for whatever reasons).

I had four games, of which two I really enjoyed, one I struggled with, and one I really hated.  Nevertheless I was surprised with my performance and placing in the end.

Game 1: Robots vs Robots 7-0 win to me.  
Opponent Sam R (nice guy and I enjoyed the game, I killed 3 of his bots, which made his opportunity to get ahead difficult).

Game 2: Robots vs Vixens 0-7 loss to me.
Opponent Pras M (a game I'd rather forgot)

Game 3: Robots vs Veer-Myn 0-1 loss to me.
Opponent Sam H (nice enough chap, hated his dice, the DB marked ones.  Struggled but at least stopped a landslide loss)

Game 4: Robots vs Forge Fathers 7-0 win to me.
Opponent Mark R (happy chappy - sorry Mark - no honestly great game, and considering it was Marks fourth time at playing the game after a very quick intro from Neal B the event organiser.  I expect Mark to improve in time, I loved his alternate "dwarves".)

In the end I placed 4th!  Really surprised at this as last place is my usual position.  Looking forward to the next time with relish.  I love Dreadball, give it a go, it's fun, fast and enjoyable.

In red - Neal B our event organiser for the day.  Thanks Neal.

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