Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Table Tops

Finally I bit the bullet and went to Bunnings to buy some new tabletops to game on.

I almost got the 4'x4' size.  They are just short by I think 1/2", but close enough is good enough in this case.  I'm very happy with this.  They are pine, and will only need a light sanding to take the rough cuts along the edges.  I intend to paint one blue for my sea table, the other black for a space table.  Will have to see how brave I am with painting stars and the like on the space table.

The other two boards I bought for DBA.  They are 3'x2' which is great as it will leave 6" on either side of the 2'x2' area for the placement of "dead" and other gaming paraphernalia.  I may buy a few more of these and store them with the long term view of a one day DBA/HotT tournament.  Need to drum up interest in this though as it's only a very small number of players at the Blind Pig who play.

So, it's the club tomorrow.  An epic game of Dystopian Wars with Leslie.  I wonder how many points we'll go for this time.  Something insane I'm sure.  Must remember to bring my camera.

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