Friday, November 18, 2011

Chasing E.C.Tubb Books

Ok I'm on the scrounge.  I've gone back to reading old titles from old authors.  The following are titles I'm after from E.C.Tubb.  If you can provide me with them, leave a post in my comments.

Dumarest of Terra or Dumarest Saga as they are known.

8. Veruchia
9. Mayenne
10. Jondelle
16. Haven of Darkness
17. Prison of Night
18. Incident on Ath
19. The Quillian Sector
20. Web of Sand
22. The Terra Data
23. World of Promise
26. The Coming Event
28. Melome
29. Angado
30. Symbol of Terra
31. The Temple of Truth
32. The Return
33. Child of Earth

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