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The Fabricated Tales of Alpha Capharius - Part Seven

The Fabricated Tales
of Alpha Capharius
Part Seven

S.I.M.O.N. basked in the glory of its mischief.  It had to do so little to achieve its entertainment.  These mortals and one not so was keeping it busy with distractions and intervention.  It hoped that they would at least provide one blink of its eye before they were gone.

+++ Personal Encrypted Journal+++
After finding out that our stash of stolen equipment was fake and trapped, we had to settle for the booby prize of Fabio.  Need I say that this was by far the least favourable outcome I desired?  The taint of this ship continues to afflict us, yet I seem to be unaffected by what afflicts the lesser beings.  I am though now certain that I have achieved a greater integration with the Jokaero interfaces and can now perform any task I set my mind to with absolute faith in its success.  I am infallible.
+++ End Encrypted Journal+++

The condition of Fabio is acceptable, though he has lost a toe and his manhood to the cultists in the resulting effort to rescue him.  He does seem rather pleased of his continued existence and smiles whenever mention of his torture is raised.  I think he must have enjoyed the whole situation, but that creepy third eye must go.  The sign of the mutant is too obvious and if he continues to mutate then there may come a time when “it” will have to be dealt with.

An exceptional and welcome outcome was Horst coming out of his delusional conversation with his weapons.  It would appear that the battle has knocked some sense back into him and he now sees them as little more than pieces of inanimate objects.  A pity this occurred as I was going to enjoy tampering with them to give them the personalities he so thought he communed with. As to the two mutants, well they continue to act as the primitives they are.  Dull, boring and certainly predictable. 

Some debate raged as we discussed our next move.  The motive of going to the bridge was not high on my priority.  I needed to secure a way of leaving this ship and making an escape out of this doomed sector of space.  My argument to the group was that we needed to secure an exit strategy and this would require a ship.  This brought up the whole reason why we were on the ship in the first place.  The others believe that they still owed loyalty to Blackthorn, I however knew that there would be no loyalty shown in return.  I told them of what was more than likely to be our fate should we return.  It would be dissection tables to ascertain how we became enhanced, and if that did not kill us then the execution as being a danger to the status quo of the Imperium would.  Yet the others argued the mission would be achieved and that they would take their chances afterwards.  Ignorant fools.  I was only mollified by the assurance of Reximus that he would not see any harm come to me and by extension the others (not as important, but acceptable to a degree).

A couple of things occurred after the decision to resume the journey to the bridge.  Firstly I recalled that the ship was in preparation to make a jump into the warp – not good.  I also intercepted a communication from who we thought was our “controller”.  I ignored the signal only to then receive another contact stating that she was able to see who else was in the vehicle.  This spooked me as I was certain that the system shocks and successful self repair had removed all traces of Imperial interference.  Clearly I had missed something and immediately launched a counter attack system protocol to track down and remove the interference.  I was of course successful in achieving this.

My ploy to keep everyone the dark about the communication was not successful, I had to worry about the fact the individual was also a psyker.  The psychically gifted or touched felt themselves being sought and located.  Reximus made it clear he knew what I was doing and suggested I enlighten the group as to what was transpiring.  Another heated debate occurred over the mission parameters, and it almost came to weapons being drawn before Reximus defused the situation with his assurance he would handle matters.  I then opened communications and began dialogue with our erstwhile masters.  Coordinates were provided as to where to meet.  I decided a small detour to a terminal accessing the ships spirit was in order; I needed more information as to what was waiting for us at the end of the journey.  ANGUS was pleased with my communication and provided limited information which was reduced thanks to the Interrogators destruction of equipment in the location.  ANGUS dispatched a servitor on my suggestion to ascertain the area, but it was destroyed upon entering the room, though it did provided limited data before destruction.  Sixteen bioforms were recorded in the area, eleven humanoid, five enhanced humanoids.  I am concerned with the trigger happy response by our “welcoming allies”.  ANGUS was not at all pleased with the destruction of its servitor and demanded that the intruders be made aware of its anger at the continued interference in its operations.  I assured it that this would be done, I just hope I don’t get shot delivering the message.

+++ Personal Encrypted Journal+++
ANGUS has proven to be a most able ally when I have had the opportunity to communicate with it.  For a system so ancient, the wisdom and knowledge I have been able to transfer to my systems has been incalculable.  Hidden away from prying eyes of the Inquisition I carry the seed of ANGUS’s AI, all I need now is a ship capable of warp travel and my safety is assured.  Am I not a genius?
+++ End Encrypted Journal+++

We arrived at the location and found the Interrogator ‘Thorn [Ed: ‘Thorn or Rosethorn in this case is one of quadruplicates, and for the sake of their multiplicity all of them are identified as ‘Thorn.] flanked by a squad of ten naval troopers and five Adeptus Astartes of a Chapter I am not familiar with.  With my usual leadership style I followed the last out, first in rule, not paranoid at all.  It was to be a Mexican standoff, if the primitives knew what that meant.  ‘Thorn identified each of us, I had left WOE (safely inside and out of sight) and LUTHOR with instructions to open fire should any violence be directed at us or more importantly ME!  Reximus took the initiative and advanced out to meet ‘Thorn who attempted to use her psychic powers.  Reximus smiled and uttered “we’ll not have any of that.”  He walked pass the Adeptus Astartes and human troops and I noted that they visible relaxed in his presence, which pleased me no end, I just wish I could have relaxed as a result of this parlay. They then exchanged words which I failed to detect and did not allow me to view the verbal interchange; less I lip read the situation.  ‘Thorn is cunning, but Reximus even more so as he directly fed me the exchange to keep.  True to his word Reximus protected us from any direct threats, though there were certainly indirect ones made at us on the whole.  ‘Thorn demanded transport, which I or ANGUS supplied – I hoped she enjoys the trolley ride to the bridge. With that done and at the urgent behest of ANGUS we “fled” the location and made our way to the bridge.  I ignored the communication signals that ‘Thorn sent my way requesting better transport – a small win in a greater war is always to be cherished.

+++ Personal Encrypted Journal+++
A recording of part of the exchange between ‘Thorn and Reximus.
IT: I demand you identify yourself.
REX: You demand.  You can demand nothing you insignificant quisling.  I enact authorization code “FDR Alpha S”, you will now act by my wishes.  Stand your troops down while I discuss matters with you.
IT: (enters authorization code – response is agitation, perhaps fear) Your code appears to be correct, how can you prove you did not gain this code by foul means.  Prove to me you have the authority to do so.
REX: (raises his left hand and shows her a Sigil of his authority) I am the Sigilittes Right Hand, I have the power to go and act according to the power given to me by Malcador and the Emperor.
IT: (clearly fighting an urge to argue further, relaxes for reasons she can’t fathom) Yes Lord, I accept your authority.
+++ End Encrypted Journal+++

The fear of greater defenses prior to reaching and breaching the bridge proved to be found less than reported. The knight and maniples of automata defenders were not evident?  My relay to ANGUS brought the answer; it had fed LUTHOR a alternate route which brought us almost to the very bridge itself.  The secret transport elevator and highway known to only the Captain and ANGUS was a most auspicious outcome, allowing us to debark at the door unmolested… well apart from ‘Thorns screams over the communicator.

Entry to the bridge proved easy and difficult at the same time.  Somehow against all odds and a rigorous protocol of countermeasures I was infected by some form of Heretek techno-virus.  I was rendered incapable and had to rely on WOE to guard me while I combated this pathetic invasion.  Not only did I render it impotent I also noted its nature and stored the counteragent for future use.  While this was happening the group observed what was inside the corridor.

The bridge section, corridors, floors and walls were covered in warp maddening growth which afflicted the senses.  Lady B deployed her flamer and cleansed an area, which elicited a wailing in the ether, an unpleasant yet innocuous attack that did little but distract the psychically gifted.  Literally the bridge was alive with warp derived life forms, with pustules, buboes and signs of twisted visages.  The flame did cleanse the area, and it would appear that there was sufficient fuel, as long as Lady B had the “otherworldly” resources to power it.  More signs of the mutant could not be more evident, her dangerousness was growing more obvious as time progressed.

Elsie moved forward to scout ahead and found that the corridor was also guarded by a ceiling mounted defense turret.  His quick reflexes prevented him from being stitched up by autocannon shells, providing just the needed distraction for Horst to place a well aimed shot into it’s mounted, rendering it inert.  The scouting continued which revealed that each corridor section housed some form of ceiling turret, an autocannon or missile system.  As I recovered my mobility and function the first serious attack occurred.

A blow by blow account I will not include, it was one though which enraged Reximus for the first time since we joined him.  The first encounter revealed to us the fate of Lady Celina the ships Fabricator General – she had been infected an overcome by the Heretek techno-virus.  A spherical warp entity manifested in the entry corridor and sprayed the location in a fluid very much like blood.  Its affects were detrimental and inflicted a system shut down on WOE.  It was while I attended to WOE I suffered another attack and temporary incapacity by coming into contact with the contaminated material.  The warp sphere destroyed the warped creature that was Lady Celina attacked, and her attack was directed at WOE.  As I recovered from the contamination I looked upon with distaste and mounting rage the attack on WOE.  In my rage I drew my Inferno pistol and shot the warped creature, vaporizing its left arm and dealing it a death blow.  My attention was then focused wholly on saving WOE.  My internal cogitators were screaming alarms, and warning me of the possible contamination and the futility of saving the machine spirit.  However I am a genius, I had the antivirus protocols already loaded, all it would take was determination and a will to succeed. Any lesser person would have written the machine off, any other Adeptus Mechanicus Adept would have deemed it not worthy of saving.  I, though would not sacrifice the spirit I had come to bond with, it was my ally and dare I say soul bonded mate.  With WOE machine spirit screaming in agony I worked on saving her spirit and machine housing.  I succeeded!  As I stepped back to survey my handiwork I was lifted up by WOE and kissed.  Well this was an unforeseen outcome, it would appear that the virus had done some transformation which resulted in WOE obtaining a living metal face and more or should I say less mechanical features.  The kiss was her spontaneous sign of appreciation in being saved.  Am I not a genius, an ally worthy of association, a foe to be feared!  Mess with my mechanoid allies and servants and my wrath is without bounds.

+++ Personal Encrypted Journal+++
Reximus later told me that the ships Fabricator General was one of his many loves, a woman of great passion both in bed and in her duties.  She had an especially keen mind and wit that matched his own, he deeply felt the loss her death evoked.  He did not blame me for her death, she had truly died once she had become infected with the techno-virus and the warp tainted environment of the ship.  I was now her replacement, I had been given the tools to restore technology to the role it was meant to have.  Not a small task, but one I’m certainly capable of enacting,
+++ End Encrypted Journal+++

Right, back to what the rest of the plebs were up to.  This will probably be short as they are certainly not as important as ME or in the next of much “character” space.  As I recorded prior, weapon turrets were everywhere.  They were dealt with in an efficient manner.  It was the corrupted mechanicals that were to cause more concern.  It was discovered that there were still a few stasis grenades, and these were deployed with perhaps less wisdom than desired.  LUTHOR had grown impatient at being left out of the fight and with the weakening of the outer wall by missile detonations and ammo explosions it forced its way towards the bridge, autocannons blazing.  Elsie discovered another function of his enhanced suit upgrade, essentially developing an exo-armour frame.  More surprised was he in finding out that it also contained a displacer field which moved him out of danger and into an ideal position to loot.  So this now meant that three of the group now had power fields of some sort as protection,  I will have to work on something for Horst, his (or Reximus’ spare suit) armour is taking a bit of a battering.

The infernal denizens of the warp corrupted nature were destroyed.  The resulting conflagration which occurred when the stasis grenades dispersed was significant.  Several wall sections were blown away, and the continual low level psychic scream cried out in pain at the continual destruction of the warped terrain.  With new and unknown sections of the ship being exposed, more warped entities appeared.  Most curious was a trio of creatures that morphed into a final entity after each stage of destruction.  As one was destroyed it joined with another, when the next barrage cleared the final two merged into the last creature, which Reximus smote with his hammer.  He was still in ramage mode and was destroying any wall between him and the bridge as he advanced implacably to the final deadly encounter.

Before that was to occur another startling and disturbing transformation occurred.  Fabio the cursed proved to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, his corrupt and warp tainted being finally broke free of it fleshy human container, revealing to all his or now its hideous form.  Thankfully it proved less revolting than his previous form and only Horst was overcome (briefly) by the revelation.  Fabio’s new form uttered its first words – “must feed”. This did not bode well, and Horst and I scrambled to eradicate this daemon host from reality.  We had almost destroyed the host, but a burst of fire from WOE had the deleterious effect of damn well healing the creature. Before another assault could be launched Reximus took charge and bound the daemon.  He informed us that the entity of Fabio had been destroyed utterly, the daemon which had taken form was now subdued and contained.  At this the fleshy out skin of Fabio knitted, rather imperfectly, back together – providing a patchwork appearance.  Need I say it was an improvement on his previous appearance, oh and his single chest hair had grown back! 

Another serious outcome from the battles was the destruction of Horsts beloved lascannon.  Thankfully it was cut cleanly and with my gifted talent I see no problems in repairing the weapon, once I can access a proper workshop.  Though when that will be is yet to be seen.  Elsie appeared from one of the adjoining rooms and tried in vain to hid the newly looted pieces of equipment he had located.  Reximus needed time to rest after binding the daemon ty’hu’knic’bio and directed us to examine and secure the other rooms prior to storming the bridge.  This provided excellent advice, providing us with additional weapons and equipment. 

+++ Personal Encrypted Journal+++
The fate of Fabio is a cautionary tale for those who too closely embrace the darker nature in their soul.  Driven by excesses of violence and lust Fabio had drawn to himself the attention of those that dwell in the warp.  The daemonic entity ty’hu’knic’bio is a typical example of those who fall and allow themselves to become weak in mind and spirit.  The blood spilt in the arena was just the start, his success lead to his vanity being stoked and stroked by those who admired him.  Slowly at first the voice was subtle, appearing as just a suggestion he thought was his own – but as time progressed the voice started to become more vocal and demanding.  Initially it lent his foresight, then strength but in the end it was the warped vessel he provided.  Fabio may still exist.  Somewhere trapped in a nightmare construct of the daemon on making… or is it one of his own design?
+++ End Encrypted Journal+++

Reximus did join Lady B and the daemon ty’hu’knic’bio to search a perplexing room of hanging bodies.  This sacrificial room provided the barrier blocking any scans of the location, both psychic and mundane.  It was torched as a result and the unpleasant nature that permeated the location dissipated.  I started to receive communication requests from ‘Thorn, which I ignored.  Her continual bleating and dire threats were almost hysterical in nature.  The mode of transport selected had put her far behind and denied her any access to potential secrets.  The last room that Reximus found was a warded room that Lady B was unable to enter but the daemon ty’hu’knic’bio had no difficulty in doing so.  In the room was a pedestal with a book resting on it.  It was initially thought this was one of the books Reximus desired, but it proved to only be that of Lord Thalaneus Delmarus.  I guess the mission for ‘Thorn was complete.  Destruction of the pedestal revealed the real book, leaving only one more to locate.  Also found was a most foul Athame, which Reximus declared should not have been in the Captains possession.  I seem to have neglected the fact that a box containing a heart shaped pendant had been discovered.  Reximus placed the Athame into the box declaring “that the dagger will feed the heart for now.”  What this means in the future when the Athame runs out of contained souls I know not.  Time to worry about that at a later date.

We could no longer put off the final assault on the bridge.  LUTHOR my ever eager ally had continued it brutal assault towards the action, knocking down walls and forcing its way down corridors.  I was going to have to spend some time repairing this faithful machine for the service it had provided.  Reximus with a devastating blow from his hammer knocked down the final wall separating us from the bridge and what it contained.  The bridge was dominated by a massive bloated form that had tendrils between it and the melded bridge.  These poor individuals were little more than meat puppets that operated the many functions on the ship.  Melded flesh and metal, many threads of some fibrous material spread to the consoles and into the ships decking.  As with the corridors the warped terrain existed here as well.

LTD: Welcome Sir Percival, you should not have been on this ship!  I neutralized all your agents you had planted ahead of our leaving Terra. 
REXIMUS: Foul creature, you have perverted the mission.  Tainted the experiment He initiated.  You have doomed the colonists and damned you and your followers souls for eternity.
LTD: Why do you fight us Sir Percival?  Cannot you see the wisdom and power that the warp can provide.  There is nothing wrong with this, it is a source that can be tamed, enhanced and provide countless opportunities to free the individual from the shackles of mortality.  See, look at your companions, even now they sway in their determination. SHRIEK!!!!!!!! All but one I see can be brought over in time. BUT why is that mechanicus individual alive, it should be dead… wait you cannot be, the twins are both dead… the geneseed destroyed.
REXIMUS: Fool, he is under my protection.  Arthur declared you must pay for your crimes!  You are guilty of (long list of crimes which no one knows and are clearly from the past).  The punishment it oblivion.
LTD: I will live forever, I am bound to the warp…. Hahahahahahahaha
REXIMUS:  Hahahahahahaha, attack now.

And so the monologue between the primary factors was over – the battle commenced in earnest.  Elsie was directed to find the last book that Reximus required.  And so the battle raged, yet over the sound of our combat came the noise of battle and the screams of the dying coming from behind us.  It was then that my contact with LUTHOR ceased.  Leaving the trained killing machines to destroy the daemonic form of the Captain, WOE and I retreated to ascertain why LUTHOR had ceased to be.  It was a well we did and I discovered our Inquisitorial “masters” had finally caught up – but not without suffering casualties.  The daemon dubbed Licky had returned, it slaughtered the mundane human troops and was now at work with the Adeptus Astartes and ‘Thorne.  WOE and I added our not inconsiderable firepower to the engagement.  In the resulting firefight ‘Thorne was killed.

+ + + File log Omicron, vermillion level access code input required + + +
+ + + Access granted. Welcome, Interrogator Blackthorn + + +
+ + + Initiating data scan + + +
+ + + Data scan complete, transferring selected file 34/F/RT/235/ACDC + + +
+ + + File transferred. Subject header “Loss of Insertion Team 14” + + +
+ + + Dated [redacted] + + +
+ + + Beginning vox transcript + + +
“The loss of Insertion Team 14 lead by Interrogator Rosethorn is currently unresolved.  Recovery and autopsy of the team has proven inconclusive the exact cause of the deaths of some team members.  The taint of the warp has been found on all wounds inflicted on the personnel with the exception of Interrogator Rosethorn whose death was the result of a dark matter energy weapon.  No member of the team was issued or had access to this level of technology.  I can only conclude that Insertion Team 3 was culpable in some manner.  Considering the ill will directed at the Inquisition by one individual in particular I have come to the conclusion that he and the team are to be held responsible.  At present they are protected by the grace of Lord Reximus who appears to have overriding authority of Inquisitor Lord Theodore Rex III.  Termination writs have been prepared and will be executed on this team once a pending request for appeal has been granted.”
+ + + Mem-bank entry log ends + + +
+ + + Thought for the Day: Heresy begins with a single action. + + +

+++ Personal Encrypted Journal+++
It was indeed fortunate that ‘Thorn was destroyed by WOE in the battle with the daemonic entity designated Licky.  At the time I was not aware that she was one of a set of quadruplicates.  I certainly hope that she is not some cloning experiment which has been endorsed by the Inquisition.  One was bad enough, the fact that there are more and that they are hostile to ME is disturbing.  Yes it was unfortunate ‘Thorn was killed, however her actions towards LUTHOR clearly shows the normal paranoia which permeates the unbalanced minds and organization of the Inquisition.  I shall have to devote even more resources to monitoring and insulating myself from further threats.  More importantly I must protect WOE, LUTHOR and the Jokaero material. 
+++ End Encrypted Journal+++

The battle on the bridge was an almost one sided affair.  The daemonic form of the Captain was being reduced back to his or its base form.  Yet while the battle raged a tear in the fabric of reality and access to warp space was beginning.  A baleful eye was seen staring out at the battling group, before withdrawing and the appearance of multiple limbs pressing against the tear, attempting to gain entry to the real world.  This was not good.  Elsie had retrieved the last book and had delivered it to Reximus.  His instructions then were to protect him at all costs while he performed the rite to banish or more likely vanquish the daemon.  The daemon Licky had fled my presence, sensing its master’s dire need.  It did not make it in time to stop the outcome.  The books were placed in numeric order as chosen by Reximus and Lady B under his command burned the pile with her flames.  At this point a number of things occurred, the daemonic entity Licky screamed and uttered vile curses as its form was reduced to a heart shaped gem.  The pathetic form of Lord Thalaneus Delmarus was revealed as a withered and pathetic man, screeching his hatred as he was terminated with extreme prejudice.  Finally the warp tear snapped shut, denying whatever was attempting to come through entry to real space.

+++ Personal Encrypted Journal+++
The significance of the heart shaped pendant has only now become obvious to me.  Earlier Lady B found the final (perhaps) aspects of the psychic armour she wears.  These were a heart shape gem, the same as that which the daemon Licky became on its masters demise and a ring of unusual nature.  When Lady B succumbed to the lure these devices had on her and attached them to herself, she discovered that she had full control of the morphing aspects of the suit.  My surmise, as well as that of Reximus is that the suit is daemonically powered.  As long as the wearer was strong in mind and spirit, it could be harnessed for the benefit of all.  Should the wearer lose the battle with the daemon within, then…
+++ End Encrypted Journal+++

The duplicity of the Inquisition is astounding.  Feeling that they could not secure the ship, they decided to destroy it.  I discovered this after communing with ANGUS.  The only way to stop the transition to warp was to return to the enginarium and assist the ships spirit.  I came up with the plan to save the ship and the situation, yes ME!  With the assistance of ANGUS we directed the remaining servitors to locate and disarm the demolitions that had been placed about the ship.  These devices were rendered inoperative and safe.  ANGUS was with my assistance able to safely shut down the warp drive and stop the ship from entered the warp.

The threat that the Inquisition had clearly become angered me.  I accessed the ships weapons manifest and was able to determine the ship possessed more than sufficient firepower to destroy the Inquisitorial ship, though how we would fare against the remaining Imperial ships was debatable.  The need though to unleash this option was overruled by Reximus as he decided to open communications with the Lord Inquisitor Theordore Rex III.  Operations then came to a conclusion with the safety of the team secured.
+++ Personal Encrypted Journal+++
Rewards were handed out for our actions.  The Inquisition begrudgingly accorded each of us the rank of Interrogator, irking the remaining ‘Thorn’s no end.  Reximus was bemused by these titles he thought of as petty and demeaning for the work we had undertaken.  To this end he gave each of us a title and rank that he believed was commensurate to our position and skills.  We were to be addressed as Praetor by others in the Inquisition.
Lady B became in ōrdinem equestrem recipere, the Knight Subditus – the changeling.
Elsie became vi et armis, by his force and arms, Ferreus Manica Linteum, the metal glove in velvet.
Fabio/ ty’hu’knic’bio became Infernus Lucifer Iūnior, the infernal Lucifer, junior grade.
Horst became Interfector Aquila Oculātus, the killer with the eagle’s eye.
Greatest of all titles went to me Opifex Magus Tempus Ēmeritus, the wise man of time and machines.
WOE was christened Equesitis Metallumae, the Lady of Metal Knighted.
LUTHOR was christened Bellum Movēre, the provoker of wars.
+++ End Encrypted Journal+++

+ + + File log Omicron, vermillion level access code input required + + +
+ + + Access granted. Welcome, Lord Inquisitor Rex + + +
+ + + Initiating data scan + + +
+ + + Data scan complete, transferring selected file 8324/RT/29F + + +
+ + + File transferred. Subject header “Appearance of Sir Percival” + + +
+ + + Dated [redacted] + + +
+ + + Beginning vox transcript + + +
“My fellow members of the Inner Council it is my duty to report that an individual has come forth claiming to be a senior member of the Sigilitte Malcador’s personal staff.  His authorization codes while ancient have been accepted by Inquisitorial decoders.  I have at this time no authority to revoke his seniority nor question his directives.  I am forwarding the supporting data.  This individual changes the balance of power within our organization.  I await further instructions in dealing with the threat.”
+ + + Mem-bank entry log ends + + +
+ + + Thought for the Day: Strike first without compunction and all else will be forgiven. + + +

Inventory Session 7

Crate – power sword, type unknown
Crate – large two-handed hammer
Crate – Auto-grenade launcher, 8 shot (loaded with stun). 10 reloads – 2 x Melta, 2 x Plasma, 3 x Krak, 3 x Frag
Crate – Haywire Rifle - 10 clips spare. 6 shot clip.
S/-/-, 1d10+3, Pen 3, Tearing (x2 damage and penetration on mechanicals: Toughness test or shut down.)
Crate – Cube of unknown specifications, similar to last one encountered.
Crate – Acid Shotgun – 5 clips spare.
                S/-/-, 2d10+10, Pen 8, Blast 3, d5 damage for 3 turns.
Crate – Heart shaped pendant that melds into Lady B’s armour.  Ring also associated with armour.
Crate – Shock Mauls x 12
Crate – Soft (ribbon) sword, an assassins weapon, appears as a belt, fools detectors.
Crate – Rad grenades x 24
Crate – Wooden box with red crystal.  (Reximus warned – DO NOT TOUCH OR USE)
Crate – Crystaline blue spear.
Crate – Heavy flamer – 1 spare fuel.
                S/-/-, 1d10+5, Pen 4, 30m, Spray (as shown or beam – x 2 damage)
Crate – Assault cannon
                S/3/-, 3d10+8, Pen 6, 20 shots, Tearing, Unreliable
Crate – Auto-shotgun, 1 spare clip
                S/5/-, 1d10+5, Pen 3, Impact. 3 hits equal knockback 3, larger 4 hits, largest 5 hits - smaller 2 hits, tiny 1 hit.

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  1. Such a shame that the true bravery of Fabio was not recorded by the Mechanicum construct, having fought so heroically to sacrifice his life for his team mates. Fabio lives on.. say this children