Sunday, October 28, 2018

Blind Pig Games Club 27th October 2018

I was literally like death warmed up on Saturday.  Sluggish, deathlike, almost my usual self.  Then the games started and I perked up.

First game on the chopping block was a quick one between Pat and I, Onitama. Highly recommend it to all, a great two player game - first person to blink loses, which means me.

Second game was Photosynthesis, which Jason brought along.  Players were Pat, Scott, Jason and Myself.  Winner placings, Jason (73), Scott (63), John (35) and Pat (17).  I thought I was being cunning with the game and spreading myself out with the seeds, and denying other players the point scoring sections of the forest.  Yes that did work, but I left it to late to start growing and earning points myself in the end.  I think a second game is in order now that we've had a taste of the game mechanics.

Source: BoardGameGeek
Last game of the day was one which Mick brought along. Argent: The Consortium. We played with the full five players and it took us I think just under 4.5 hours to complete the game.  For a worker placement game it was complex with its amount of interactions or acquisitions available.  Still it was a decent game, a fair amount of skullduggery from some of the players (too be expected). 

Source: BoardGameGeek
Next club meet is Saturday 3rd November 2018.

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