Saturday, October 20, 2018

Star Wars Adventure - Opening Story

What is recorded here is the player information for the start of a Star Wars roleplaying campaign.

“What is this backwater hellhole you have navigated us to?”

“Don’t ask me, the damn navicomp went on the blink just as we entered hyperspace.  I’d demand my money back, but the Hutts aren’t known for warranty repairs.”

+++machine code blurts out+++

“Apparently we are in the Aduba system.  Never heard of it?  Pull up the galactic map for me.”
“Well it appears we aren’t in Hutt space – which is good news, but could we be any further from civilization?  Teth seems to be the closest system with anything like a decent support base.”

+++machine code blurts out+++

The ship shudders in sympathetic rhythm to the computers distress. There would appear to be some malfunction in the hyperdrive and fuel loss.  It will require landing on Aduba-3 and the organization of repairs at what is little more than a single controller space port.

Computer Data: Aduba-3 or Aduba III is a planet in the Aduba system with three million citizens and a starport. It is mostly covered by desert and plains. Most of the plant life on Aduba-3 has grown thorns as forms of protection. Located along the Triellus Trade Route.
Tun Aduban is the largest city and only spaceport on Aduba-3.
The spaceport consists of one control tower, manned by a PK droid. No landing directions are given and there are no landing pads; incoming ships merely find a spot in the desert. The population of Tun Aduban comprises mostly of drifters and unlucky spacers. The city had little to offer beyond cantinas, brothels, and merchants selling goods. Places of interest included the House of a Higher Power, Locru's Central Saloon, and Spacer's Hill.
Landing fees are 100 Credits, payable to Shalla Torwyn the city administrator.

On approach to the spaceport you notice there are several ships already “parked” in haphazard formation.  You land on the out edges of the parked vessels, keeping 500 meters between you and the nearest ship.  It’s about one kilometer to the control tower, where inquiries directed to the ancient PK droid advise you that Administrator Torwyn can be found at Locru’s Central Saloon.  It takes you 15 minutes to locate the Saloon and the Administrator who demands 150 credits landing fee.  Your pilot argues the fees, outlining the published fees.  The response given is that the increased costs have not been updated since the rise of the Galactic Empire – almost fifteen years ago.  Grumbling, and noticing that the Administrator has several thugs to back up his demands, you give in and pay the fee.

As you are in a Saloon you decide to wet your palates and take in the ambiance of what is said to be the high water of “civilization” on Aduba-3.  It is now you are approached by a group of individuals, an middle-aged male human, a female humanoid with four arms and long, pointed ears; and a humanoid droid.  The droid appears to be the spokesman for the group.

“I am General Jasha, my companions and I are seeking transport to Nar Kaaga.”

So starts the story…

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