Friday, February 2, 2018

Blind Pig Games Club Meet 3rd February 2018

A rainy and overcast day, but it's cool and pleasant.

I played three new games today - One Deck Dungeon, Evolution:Climate and Rising Sun.

Link to BGG is HERE

This was the morning filler game that Pat and I play while waiting for the rest of people to turn up.  Pat had played it Solo and commented on how difficult it was.  We played the two player version but were not able to complete it as people started to turn up and the desire to start a larger 6 player game was on.
My thoughts: I liked it, certainly a game I'll add to my collection seeing it has the Solo capacity and also its small size.  Thumbs up for this one.

Link to BGG is HERE

A good sized six player game going with this one.  Some banter and fun had here, the odd creatures that were created was lots of fun.
My thoughts: I enjoyed this game, certainly one I'll be adding to my collection when I can afford it.  The balance between feeding, climate effects and traits of the creatures makes for an interesting mix. Thumbs up on this one.

Link to BGG is HERE

OK this game would have to have been the most argued game that I have ever participated in, even other players commented on this.  Grasping the rules and the nuances of the game were troubling for many of us.  Out of the six players, two definitely, maybe three did not like the game, one was uncommitted and two were in favour.  Certainly a game that needs another go.
My thoughts: I initially did not enjoy this game until I started to cotton on the way victory points were earned and how interaction across the game board occurred. At this stage if I was offered another to play, I'd probably choose it over another game of Rising Sun.  That being said I was the one who was uncommitted to the game and prepared to give it a few more games before coming to a decision.  Thumbs horizontal on this one.

The Club
A decent turn out for the day with most of the regulars attending.  Weather may have been a factor, including other events that drag attendees away on any given meeting.  

Evolution: Climate - an excellent game with the regulars.

The faithfuls playing EPIC

A game of Imperial Assault.

40K in action.

40K in action.

Rising Sun, Pat with his finger raised is making a point!

Unfair in play.

My Personal Journal

As always I need to get out from home and interact with people.  The Club is one of the few opportunities I get to socialise with my peers.  I am not and will never be a competitive player, due to my isolation I hunger more for the social interaction than in winning, though winning is nice when it happens.  Usually when this occurs my fellow gamers will normally comment that the world is out of alignment or that the Stars are Right and the Great Old One has had a hand in fate.
Still now that I am home and writing this blog I find that my mood has plummeted again and I'm back to Me, Myself and I.  I'm used to this, in fact I only realised that is has been 20 years since my life was rooted by fate.  Oh well, that's my life...

Till next time
The Hon. John

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