Saturday, October 21, 2017

Top 10 Board Games - October 2017

As you may be aware I love my board games.  Today I did a check of my account on Board Game Geek and had it prepare for me a download of my game data.  According to BGG my top 10 games of those owned are as follows with the BGG rank (at time I prepared this) in brackets.

1. Twilight Struggle (3)
2. Star Wars: Rebellion (5)
3. Terraforming Mars (6)
4. Scythe (8)
5. Blood Rage (17)
6. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (28)
7. A Feast for Odin (34)
8. Eldritch Horror (42)
9. Race for the Galaxy (43)
10. Lords of Waterdeep (44)

Do I agree with how the list is shown, based on how the community have ranked the games?  Two of the games on the list, while I own them I’ve yet to actually play them, they are on my to do list.  Here is how I would rank them according to my desire to play them.

1. Lords of Waterdeep
2. Eldritch Horror
3. A Feast for Odin
4. Scythe
5. Twilight Struggle
6. Star Wars: Rebellion
7. Blood Rage
8. Terraforming Mars
9. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
10. Race for the Galaxy

I enjoy Lords of Waterdeep the most out of those listed; it is a game I will play at any time.  I think that A Feast for Odin will rise to the top of the list eventually, it only languishes in third place due to the fact I’ve played more solo games than with actual people.  As a solo game it would rate close if not in first place.

Race for the Galaxy is last, and is there for a good reason.  It is complex with its iconography and game play, I think that my opinion of this game would change if I could get more games of it under my belt.  Must get the expansion that introduces solo play, that may help me to understand the nuances of the game and better appreciate it.

Well there we have it for the next little while.  Still plenty of time to acquire more games before the end of the year; I’ll do another evaluation in December or January.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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