Sunday, October 22, 2017

The High Crusade & The Fury of the Norsemen

Spurred on by anothers blog I went delving through my archive of old games - yes people games have been around since before Catan and the modern rise of board game popularity amongst the hoi polloi.  (I really must stop watching All Hail King Julien, I think KJ's personality is rubbing off on me!)


The box art, remember that these were micro-games
so the box dimensions are 105mm x 180mm x 15mm.
(Image from BGG)

The contents of the game box.
(Image from BGG)
If you are after specific details then check the LINK to BGG.

From initial flick through the rules it is simple enough and I also like there is a turn limit to the game, so I don't have to worry about battling out to the bitter end.

Why did I choose this game?  Not because of the plethora of Viking television shows, well it was because of just one show The Last Kingdom.  My wife was consumed by this series, and I had the job of filling in the history for her.  So this was the closest I could immediately find among my collection.


The nice colour cover of the Ares magazine which contained the game.
(Image from BGG)

The contents!  The game rules are inside the magazine,
very nice colour map and counters.
(Image from BGG)
If you are after specific details then check the LINK to BGG.

Thanks to my problem of sleeping I have to have audio books playing to send me off to beddy bo-bo's (Goodies fan will understand the reference).  My last book listened to was Poul Anderson's The High Crusade, which took me back in time to when I first read the sometime in the early 70's.  Sigh, how time flies, it only seemed like yesterday...  Anyhow I remembered I had the game, even if the magazine was lost in one of the floods, after a quick search (thankfully it was stored in the game container as The Fury of the Norsemen) I located it.  

My first urge was to run off to the local printer and get them to laminate the game map, but sanity prevailed and I will actually read the rules before doing that and punching our the counters.  A quick flip would appear to me that the game would appear simple enough to master (I hope).  

The club is on this weekend so if I can continue with my enthusiasm and not get distracted I may get a game or two in.  Problem is I enjoy multiplayer games at the club, time will tell I guess.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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