Thursday, February 16, 2017

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Galaxy of Heroes is my daily grind, apart from Pokemon GO (which I only play when I go shopping or am out).  Galaxy of Heroes (GoH) unlike Pokemon GO can be played at home without the need to be seeking out pokemon, there is enough activities happening that I can fill in a half hour to an hour a day without any problems, longer if I so require.

I enjoy the game, it has character development, guilds that you can join.  The game is essentially free, though you can spend money if you desire upgrades faster than the rest of players.  I got introduced to the game last year just after Pokemon GO, and have found that it has supplanted it as my daily game of phone games.

Below is the web address for EA if you are interested in knowing more about the game.

My current team! I'm almost Level 85 (Max), just under 7000 points before I'm there. Yes there is a Jedi among the Sith/Dark Side, but I don't have a healer amongst the Dark Siders of worth to keep the team working in prolonged battles...

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