Saturday, February 11, 2017

Crimson Skies (2003) by Wizkids

Thank goodness for clubs, that's all I can say, as well as to friends who have old games they are happy to part with.  How did I end up with Crimson Skies you may ask?  Well it's a long story... no not really.  When I posted my articles about my board game collection another friend on facebook mentioned his desire to obtain the pen and paper board game version of Crimson Skies.  I posted an expression of interest out there seeking a copy of him, what I got was a friend asking if I wanted his sets of the clix version of the game.  Being the hoarder and collector I could not help myself, I said yes, the price was more than fair and it is now with me waiting for a chance to be played sometime in the future...

Some closer shots of the contents, not the best, sorry in advance.

Below is courtesy of Wikipedia
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Collector NumberFactionPilotPlane
001Broadway BombersHeather 'Ivy' IverianE-1C Avenger
002Broadway BombersKenneth 'Iron Horse' Vanderbilt 3E-1C Avenger
003Broadway BombersLt. Eugene 'Money Man' Windthorpe 3F6 Brigand
004Broadway BombersNancy 'Market Maker' MorganF6 Brigand
005Hollywood KnightsLt. Steve 'Glamour Boy' GardnerBloodhawk
006Hollywood KnightsLt. Carmen 'Killer' FloresBloodhawk
007Hollywood KnightsLt. Winifred 'Brandy' NoonanFirebrand
008Hollywood KnightsLt. Karl 'Wrongway' GrunerFirebrand
009Broadway BombersLoyle 'Showstopper' CrawfordE1C Avenger
010Hollywood KnightsCharlotte 'Charlie' SteeleBloodhawk
011Fortune HuntersRobert 'Buck' DeereP21 Mk 3 Devastator
012Fortune HuntersEllen Sue 'Tex' RyderP21 Mk 3 Devastator
013Fortune Hunters'Brooklyn' Betty CharlesFB14 'Vampire'
014Fortune Hunters'Big John' WashingtonFB14 'Vampire'
015Fortune HuntersNathan ZacharyP21 Mk 3 Devastator
016Fortune HuntersMaria SanchezFB14 'Vampire'
017Red Skull LegionHenrietta 'Hettyhawk' CorbettPeacemaker 370
018Red Skull LegionRafael 'Fencer' HerreraPeacemaker 370
019Red Skull LegionHarry 'Lucky' KenyonS2B Kestrel
020Red Skull LegionLuthor 'PryBar' PrymonS2B Kestrel
021Red Skull LegionJonathan 'Genghis' KahnS2B Kestrel
022Rajin’ CajunsLouis 'Wild Card' ThibodeauxPeacemaker 370
023Black SwansWilliam 'Fenn' FennelJ2 Fury
024Black SwansJudith 'Valkyrie' DuChampJ2 Fury
025Black SwansEdward 'Mad Eddie' SearsM210 Raven
026Black SwansYulia 'The Architect' ChelekhovaM210 Raven
027Never Released
028Never Released
029Never Released
030Never Released
031Hollywood KnightsCharlotte “Charlie” SteeleCoyote
032Blake Air SecurityPaladin BlakePR1 Defender
101Broadway BombersLoyle 'Showstopper' CrawfordF6 Brigand
102Hollywood KnightsCharlotte 'Charlie' SteeleFirebrand
103Broadway BombersCarlton 'Carpetbagger' HawthorneE-1C Avenger
104Hollywood KnightsCaptain Norm HoustonBloodhawk
458PromotionalSanta “St. Nick” ClausSanta’s Holiday Flyer
Based on the above chart I'm only missing the planes below the "Never Released" section.  From my days of running organised play events for Wizkids I'm going to have a punt and guess the last six planes were prize support and clearly the last a promotional. While it would be nice to get them all, I'm not busting a gut these days.  CMGs or anything collectable has passed me by, sure it will annoy the hell out of me that it's incomplete, but I can now live with it.  Who knows, I may even complete it on the off chance, like picking up this game like I did this weekend just past!

Till next time, keep gaming!

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