Saturday, July 18, 2015

Blind Pig Club Day 18th July 2015

Thanks to a number of people for helping out today, Tim W for taking the trailer to and from the club, to Jason B for looking after the lunch order for pizza and the counter.  Hopefully Paul will be back with us for the next club meet.  Thanks of course also goes to the regulars, so don't feel left out lads, it's much appreciated.

It was also wonderful to have a visit from Jeff T, who has been missing from the club for some time as he currently works in China.  Great to see you again mate, you were and continue to be missed.

Numbers today were in the mid 20's with a mix of games going.

On display today were:
EPIC Armageddon
Dystopian Wars
Dreadball Extreme
Star Wars Armada
WFB 8th Ed (yes what a surprise that was to see)
The Battle for Hill 218 (excellent 2 player game)
Gods Gambit (hilarious UNO)
Rise of the Zombies

Below photos from today.

Next club meet is 1st August.  Hope to see you all there.

Dreadball Extreme

EPIC Armageddon - Ork vs Imperial

Dystopian Wars

Star Wars Armada - using the very nice play mat that Wade brought along.


GASP.....  WFB 8th Ed game!



Warmachine/Hordes.  Lovely to get a visit from Jeff T, holidaying
here from his job in China.  Great to see you Jeff.
They show their love of me taking photos.

A game I played today, lots of fun - two player game.

Gods Gambit.  Was hilarious with 6 players.

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